How to Add Your Articles Here

You can add your articles here.  This blog will automatically share your articles to social networds and directories and possibly gain more viewers.  This blog will NOT promise overnight increase in views but it will at least increase the chances of your articles being exposed to more viewers.

METHOD 1- for Triond users. (For those who does not have blogger account)

1.  Open Blogger.
2. Sign-in using the public blogger account

User name:
Password: articles

3. Close blogger but do not sign out.

4. Go back to your Triond account.  Open "Published" articles.

5.  You will notice a "SHARE" this feature.  Click it and look for BLOGGER icon.  Click it.

6. You will be directed to a Blogger post page.  You will notice that the post page is pre-filled with your article link and title.  You MUST add two or three sentences as a description for your article after the blue colored text (Your article title).  You may add videos or images.
7.  Click post.  You will be directed to another page saying "View" or "Edit". 

8. Click "Edit".  (a)   Add your name in the "LABEL".
                        (b)   Look for the "Existing labels" to categorize your topic.
                        (c)   Add a short description of your article.  Two or three sentences will do.

9.  Click "Post".

You are done.  VERY IMPORTANT: Articles with NO labels  (name) will not be included in the contest.

METHOD 2 (For those with blogger account)
PM me using your Triond account with the email you use for your blogger. I will add you as a contributor within 24 hours.